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building my own steps (to heaven)


You can do it! What if I can't?

We learn to perform things as soon as we become conscious of our own action, in worst case being a stranger to our own will. This sculpture is a detail of my sculptural installation On the way to somewhere which was my final work at TAMK in 2016. 

So on the way to somewhere, it's ok to stumble, I think.



Mont Belle Oiseau

IMG_5502If you ever go to Geneva, there is a great view of the Alps from the Lake Geneva. There you can see Mountain called Le Môle. To satisfy the tourists the guides often say it's the Mont Blanc because the real Mont Blanc tends to be hidden behind the clouds.
I climbed up Le Môle with my skis. "Mes skis" says a frenchman, when he sees my skis. He used to have the same skis 10 years ago. He invites me to live with him in a mountain hut in France. He is about 70 years old. I skip.
The wooden sculpture is a piece of my sculptural installation On the Way to Somewhere 2016.

Mont le Môle

IMG_5469I topped a mountain near Chamonix 2014. It was the most stupid thing I did for a while. Great mountain views but I was not in good condition for the journey. Nor to climb up, nor to ski downhill. I still love you Kim, yes, you called me to climb all the way up but then you saved me when coming down. Next time I'll be wiser.